Fire Brigades

Fire brigades find themselves in wide ranging situations due to the fuel, fire geometry and other factors that make difficult the previous choice for the adequate foam concentrate that the fire truck should carry.
Usually, fire brigades will ask for a unique type of foam that serves for all risks. As always, something which is really good for everything will not be the best at anything.
In every particular case, whether it is an urban fire brigade, forest fire brigade or company fire brigade, a different approach and solution is taken.
Usually, fire brigades will use a Class A foam for solids, an AR-AFFF for hydrocarbons/polar solvents and a High Expansion foam for confined spaces.
Again, a Newtonian AR-AFFF 1% seems to be the most acceptable in all cases when used with CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems). If not, a multipurpose 3% fluorine free foam will be the most respectful and environmentally friendly choice.