The company

Based in a strict quality system, VS FOCUM continues since its establishment in 2002 being a reference both in quality of its products as well as excellence in commercial management.

Our catalogue of firefighting foam concentrates has a double origin: the exact demand of a client for a specific application, or the development of innovative formulations on our own that we present later to our clients.

Basically, more than 80 products that span from controlled foam wetting agents (B-Water) to the most similar foam to an AFFF but fluorine free (Silvara I) in the whole market, through additives for extinguishers, multiexpansion foams, forest fire retardants, AFFF-AR filmforming, antialcohol special solutions, etc.

Our superconcentrates are useful as base for other foam manufacturers, so they avoid the high costs in time and money of the expensive experience in the field of extinguishing foams by fire.

Our distributors and final clients have all our respect and support in both technical and commercial sides.

The new Silvara CORE represents the latest development included in our catalogue: a superconcentrate Newtonian fluorine free to be applied in Class A fires at 0.2% and Class B fires at 0.3%. This has been certified by MPA Dresden as EN 1568-3:2018 (IC) at 0.3% .