The company

Focused on extinguishing fires by foam, VS FOCUM is established in 2002 with highly experimented staff (spanning almost 40 years) both in research as well as manufacturing and quality control for firefighting foam concentrates.

Since the beginning, our company was based in offering brand new original formulations, highly contrasted, so we could enter the foam market in a safe and efficient way. Despite what should seem the other easier way, we were not seduced by the idea of mass producing cheap, low-quality foams. It would be difficult on that scenario to achieve our current resources for having world-class quality research and development, constantly on top of the evolution of firefighting foams.

Even with the continuous environmental and technical challenge (explained by the appearance of new fire standards and restrictions on several raw materials), this helps us to specialize in very concentrated products for use in CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems).

This way, VS FOCUM is gradually conquering markets that demanded special conditions for extinguishing - as aviation, marine/offshore or mining - where the previously used solutions were not useful, therefore replacing them with foams in our catalogue.

VS FOCUM continues being a world reference in Newtonian (Low Viscosity) solutions - both fluorine free or fluorinated ones - expanding on all five continents

What makes us different