HELLO (again)

Today, September 7th, 2018, we launch our new website. As the firefighting foam concentrates world is in constant motion, we are approaching our online presence in a new way.

As there are no two equal fires, we are launching this portal to make easier for everyone the search of the most adequate firefighting foam depending on their needs. With our smart search, now it is easier than ever to find the right product – you only need to input any reference data (brand, model, product, standards to comply, etc.) so we will recommend the more adequate option.

Furthermore, we are complementing our online presence with published articles that we will share here, as well as in our social networks – you can access them via the top bar.

We are thrilled to be back and ready for a very promising future.

We encourage you to communicate with us via the contact form in case you have an enquiry or want to join our company. Last but not least, our goal is for our website to be a referent in the foam and fire world – continuously updating to the latest trends.

We are here to help.