The technique for extinguishing aircraft fires is divided between two main blocks: ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) on one side and MIL Spec on the other one. The main differences are based on:
· fuel (Kerosene for ICAO / Gasoline for MIL Spec).
· application rate (Fixed for ICAO / mobile for MIL Spec)
· mixing ratio (Nominal for ICAO / ½ Nominal - nominal - 5x nominal for MIL Spec)
· water type (Fresh water for ICAO / fresh water and sea water for MIL Spec)

ICAO Level C is very demanding on the extinguishing with a very low application rate, but it is less restrictive when it comes to burnback resistance.
Obviously, a very versatile and concentrated product like a Newtonian AFFF/AR 1% or a Newtonian Fluorine Free 1% will be favorable when extinguishing allowing greater efficiency with smaller and lighter fire trucks.