Fluorine Free - Newtonian

Our Fluorine Free foams do not contain any fluorosurfactant, any fluoropolymer or any silicon. Furthermore, this line of Newtonian (low viscosity) is specially designed for fighting fires of liquids which are non miscible with water (and also solids). They are not recommended for polar solvent fires. These products cannot be considered a 100% alternative to AFFF as they do not form any film on top of the fuel, and its application on non-aspirating devices is not as powerful as AFFFs. In some cases, the control of the fire is achieved in the same time (or even faster) than in AFFFs and the total extinguishing takes more time. Although they can be used with all types of water, the best results are achieved when used with fresh water. Fluorine Free foams should not be mixed with AFFF agents as the mixture won’t have the same properties as each of the products separately.